We offer a range of services relating to pregnancy, family planning and contraception

Family planning allows people to anticipate and have their desired number of children, and to achieve healthy spacing and timing of their births.


Our doctors are able to help with:

Prenatal Care

Planning leads to better outcomes. If you are thinking of having baby, we can help you to optimize your health to improve your chances of a happy and healthy pregnancy. Book in today and we can offer a consultation to help you achieve your goals.

Pregnancy Care

We believe that every birth is a natural and unique event, and that you should receive personalised care throughout your pregnancy.

We encourage all expecting parents (and their families) to be actively involved in their pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

Postnatal Care

Being a new parent can be daunting. We understand that for first time parents, the first few weeks at home can be challenging.  

We recommend you visit the surgery in the first week after birth for a postnatal check.

We will also see you 6 weeks after your baby’s birth to ensure you and your baby are well. Things we will discuss with you may include feeding your baby, immunisations, PAP smears and contraception.



The range of contraceptives can seem overwhelming, with many different types to choose from.

You may wish to discuss natural fertility methods, condoms, oral contraceptives, implants, injections or IUDs.

Depending on your individual circumstances, an IUD, Mirena or Implanon may be inserted on the same day.