Supporting and guiding families

The early years of a child’s life provide the foundation for future health, development and wellbeing. A positive start in life helps children to reach their full potential, while a poor start increases the chances of adverse outcomes.


Near the time of your baby’s birth, you’ll be given a Child Health Record booklet. This is a way of keeping track of your child’s progress.

Wherever you are and whatever happens to your child, you’ll have a record of their health and progress which can be shared with health professionals. The book is sometimes called the "purple book" but it will be a different colour and have a different name in different states.

When you visit a clinic, your doctor or a hospital, your baby’s healthcare professional will use the book to record your child’s weight and other measurements, vaccinations and other important health information.

You can also add information yourself. It’s a good idea to record any illnesses or accidents and details of any medicines your child takes. Don’t forget to take the book with you when you take your child for a review or vaccination. Also try to bring it if you have to go to hospital emergency or a general practitioner.

Most childhood immunisations are provided free of charge through the national immunisation program.

We will send you a reminder when your child’s next immunisation is due.